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Motor Performance/Major Tune Up
Recommended every 3 to 5 years

Mercury or Yamaha Outboards
Horse Power Cycle Starting At $
4.5-6-7.5-8-9.8 (110)
20-35-40 (402)
1&2 cyl
2 cyl
4 cyl
3 cyl
inline 6 cyl

Tune Up Includes

Compression Test
Set Primary & Secondary Timing
Rebuild Carburetors
Set Engine Idle
Replace Carburetor Floats (V-6 Optional)
Replace Fuel Filter
Replace Spark Plugs
Set Carburetor Synchronization
Replace or Rebuild Fuel Pumps
Spark Test
Set Maximum Timing
Replace Carburetor Needle & Seats
Set Carburetor Fuel & Air Adjustments
Replace Gear Lube

Inboards Chevy and Ford
Cylinders Starting At $
4 & 6

Tune Up Includes

Compression Test
Replace Spark Plugs
Replace Gear Lube Set Engine Idle
Set Engine Timing

**Motors not listed are by estimate only**

Recommended yearly
All Models Inboard....$120.00
Lower Unit Service
Recommended yearly
All Models Outboard....$80.00
Stern Drive Service
Recommended yearly
All Models Inboard....$100.00

Water Pump Impeller Service
Recommended Yearly Service

Inboards and Outboards
4.5 - 260 Horse Power
(starting at)
$130.00 + Parts

**Complete water pump rebuild by estimate only**

System Checks
**starting at**

Computer Diagnostic Check
Charging System and System circuit Check
Battery Test
Battery Replacement
Battery Terminal Service
Complete Ignition System (Outboard)
Fuel Pump Pressure Check
Shift and Throttle Checks
$65.00 + hourly rate

Prepurchase Inspection
(A must when purchasing a used boat)

Outboards (All Models)
Inboards (All Models)
$85.00 motor only
$130.00 motor only
Inspect Entire Boat Add $40.00

20 Hour Check

Outboards (2 Stroke)
Outboards (4 Stroke)
Inboards (All Models)
$225.00 + up

Outboard includes

Change Gear Lube
Test Run
Check Timing
Check Shifting
Check all Gauges, alarms, lighting and instrumentation
Torque Head Bolts (if applicable)
Check Carb Synchronization
Check Trailer Tires and Alignment
Lubricate Fittings on Motor
Check Engine Mounting Bolts

Inboard includes

Change Gear Lube
Test Run
Check Timing and Dwell
Check Shifting
Check lighting and instrumentation
Change Oil and Filter
Check Engine Alignment
Check all Gauges and Alarms
Check Trailer Tires and Alignment
Lubricate Fittings on Motor and Drive Unit
Check Engine Mounting Bolts
Lubricate Fittings on Trailer



Install all plugs, hoses, hoseclamps, and petcocks (removed at winterization). Test run moter and check for leaks: check water pump for proper operation. Check all fluids; engine oil, gear oil, power steering and antifreeze.


Check Gear Lube Test run motor for proper operation Check water pump for proper operation


Inboard..........................$225.00 + up

Add gas stabilizer in to fuel tank
test run motor with stabilizer
Remove drive unit to check engine alignment
Replace oil and filter
Open petcocks to flush contaminants from motor
Remove all petcocks, plugs and hoses
Replace fuel filter
Replace gear lube
Lubricate: Swivel brackets, Gimbal bearing,
U-joints, Bearing buddies, steering, tilt tube
Drain water pump
Drain interior water systems
Clean Flame arrester
Install drive unit(new gasket kit)
Fog motor with fogging oil
Remove prop and grease prop shaft
Test run motor for new oil circulation
All plugs, hose clamps, petcocks are hung
in bag on steering wheel
** 1992 Alpha One Generation II, Bravo One and Two, slightly higher**
Outboard  (2 Stroke)   $105.00 (OptiMax slightly more)
Outboard  (4 Stroke)   $140.00 + up
Add gas stabilizer into fuel tank
Test run motor with gas stabilizer
Replace gear lube
Lubricate: Swivel Brackets, Bearing Buddies
Steering, Tilt Shaft
Remove prop and grease prop shaft
Fog motor with fogging oil
Winterization tag on Steering wheel

Shrink Wrapping Available
*by estimate only*

Boat Appearance Reconditioning
Buffing and Waxing and Engine Degreasing

Boat Trailer Services

Metal Repair & Paint Refinishing
Wheel Bearing Service
Tire Repair
Electrical Wiring and Repairs
Roller Alignment
Trailer Tracking & Alignment
Winch Stand Adjustment

**All Prices Subject to Change**